Metallized – Silver – Graphics Grade

Colour:  Silver

Roll Size:  6mm to 975mm in 66 Metre Length

Pinstriping for Signs

Splice Sensing Flex. Pack


Metallized – Silver – Graphics Grade Colour Tape by Tenacious Tapes. Adhesive tape comparable to 3M Polyester Tape 850, Tesa 4137 or Cling C32. Order online from exclusive approved supplier Wayout Evacuation Systems.

Colour:  Silver

Roll Size:  6mm to 1270mm in 66 Metre Lengths

Adhesive:  Acrylic Pure

Description:  A single sided tape made of 1mil metallized polyester with an acrylic adhesive. Excellent resistance to acid, oil, solvent & staining.


 Decorative purposes – Sign trade etc.
 Reflective shielding (silver)
 Splice identification per metal detection

Technical Details:

Thickness: 0.06mm
Breaking Load: 44 N/cm
Adhesion to Steel: 3.9 N/cm
Elongation at Break: 100%
Water Vapour Trans Rate: 0.058 gm/100sq per 24 hour
Service Temperature: -5°C to +120°C
Storage Temperature: 15°C to 25°C
Shelf Life: 12 Months


Surface Preparation:  The surface on which the tape is to be used must be clean, dry and free from grease and dust. Remember that pressure sensitive adhesive must be applied with the maximum possible pressure in order to achieve maximum adhesion levels. The recommended application temperature is between 15ºC and 25ºC.

Storage:  Tapes stored below the minimum application temperature will require warming up to that level before use. Up to 24 hours may be required for this to take place.

Note:  The above figures represent average values. Actual figures can vary. The selection and

application of a tape is the responsibility of the buyer. Tape should be stored at room
temperature and should not be exposed to sunlight. We reserve the right to make changes
without notice to our products and specifications.


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