Photoluminescence Technology

Photoluminescence is the process where a substance radiates visible light after being energised by absorbing photons. Commonly known as ‘glow in the dark’, it is a technology which was initially used for novelty purposes but has since become extremely popular for use in safety products.

Using a Strontium Aluminate based pigment, the product is charged by ambient light which it is able to store and release over a period making it visible in smoke or total darkness. Tests have shown our product to be visible for 24hours after excitation levels as low as 6 lux from a fluorescent lamp.

As an alternative to powered systems, the benefits of using photoluminescent technology are endless and include the following:-

  • Failsafe in the event of an emergency where there is total darkness caused by smoke or power failure
  • Ease of installation, with no need for wiring, batteries or ongoing maintenance
  • Existing lighting will provide necessary charge, meaning a significant cost saving on ongoing power requirements
  • Aside from cost savings, there will be a significant reduction in your organisations carbon footprint by using this environmentally friendly product

Following 9/11, the World Trade Center Building Code Task Force identified that it was imperative in an emergency situation that a building be fitted out with photoluminescent technology and NYC building standards now enforce this.

If your organisation is serious about SAFETY & SUSTAINABILITY, then you simply must be using luminous products and Way Out are the worldwide leaders in the technology.