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Way Out manufactures both non-NCC compliant and NCC compliant Photoluminscent exit signs. Non-NCC compliant Photoluminscent exit signs are ideal for applications that don’t need to comply with BCA Vol 1 E4.8 Design and Operation of Exit Signs. This may include, marquees, exhibitions, and outside events.

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Way Outs NCC compliant Photoluminscent exit signs and emergency lighting products meet the requirements of BCA Vol 1 E4.8 Design and Operation of Exit Signs and EP4.1 Visibility in an Emergency and are suitable for applications covered by the Building Code of Australia.
Photoluminscent Emergency Exit Sign vs Powered Sign

Failsafe in the event of an emergency where there is total darkness caused by smoke or power failure
Ease of installation, with no need for wiring, batteries or ongoing maintenance
Existing lighting will provide necessary charge, meaning a significant cost saving on ongoing power requirements
Aside from cost savings, there will be a significant reduction in your organizations carbon footprint by using this environmentally friendly product
90% cost saving on installation, or a payback period of 1 year if replacing existing systems

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