About Us

Way Out Company Overview

Established in 1996, Wayout was set up to fill a void in the market for quality photoluminescent, or ‘glow in the dark’ products and has since become a worldwide leader in the industry. We have been trusted with the design, manufacture and supply of luminous products to some of Australia’s largest institutions.

Our expertise extends to both luminous and non-luminous safety signs and products, as well as full scale evacuation systems. As a family run business with all products manufactured locally, we have the flexibility and experience to deliver products on time and specifically tailored to suit the individual client needs.

Though we have been continually trusted to carry out works for some of the nation’s largest projects, we are equally happy to supply businesses with our products in small quantities. Whilst we continue to develop our products to keep up with industry and legislative requirements, we can always work with clients to come up with new ideas using our technology to achieve luminescence with just about anything.

Affiliations – Strategic Partners

On The Edge has been trading for the past 22 years, servicing principally the Cinema Industry but has expanded to include Clubs, Councils, Function Centres, High Rise Fire exit stairways, to name a few. The initial penetration into these markets was with Non Lighted nosing and photo luminous aided profiles, primarily intended to be used for visual aid and safety underfoot. Way Out has worked with On The Edge over the last 20 years and have been involved in cinema, university and casino installations all over the world.

Tenacious Tapes – supply and convert industrial grade adhesive tapes. The tape is high quality, cost effective and can be tailored to the specific needs of the client. There is a large range of products available – refer to the following product specifications.