Pipe Markers - AS 1345-1995

AS 1345-1995 standard for pipe identification was designed to provide plant personnel with a cohesive system for identifying the contents on pipes, conduits and ducts ultimately reducing chances of errors, simplifying the handling of emergencies and minimizing hazards. The AS 1345-1995 standard provides direction for labeling materials contained in piping systems, including electrical conduits, by means of background colour marking, legend and symbols.  AS 1345-1995 states that pipe markers must be placed in intervals of no more than 8m apart. Pipe marker spacing may extend to (but not exceed) 50 metres on long, continuous straight runs of external services

Way Outs industrial grade adhesives simplify pipe marker tape installation. Simply peel to release the coated paper backing from the marker and press the vinyl pipe marker tape in place. Self-sticking vinyl pipe markers from Way Outs are perfect for showing flow direction, pipe contents as well as making the pipe identification highly visible. Way Outs marking tape is made of a durable vinyl and is excellent for use in both indoor and outdoor environments.

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